Monday, May 21, 2012

Book # 28 - The Next Thing on My List

by Jill Smolinski
7 CDs, Audiorecording

June Parker meets Marissa Jones at a Weight Watcher's meeting. She offers a ride when she saw Marissa waiting at the bus stop.  In the car, Marissa momentarily unbuckles her seat belt to reach into her purse.  She wanted to share a recipe with June.  In that horrible instant, June swerves to avoid a dresser falling out of the truck in front of her.  Her car rolls over, and the next thing she know, the paramedics on the scene say, "Don't bother with that one, she's gone."

When June cleaned out Marissa's purse, she finds a list of "things to do before my twenty-fifth birthday." Guilt-ridden, she vows to finish the remaining eighteen items.  Only two were crossed out - Lose a hundred pounds, and wear sexy shoes.

This is a charming story and it got me thinking about the things on my bucket list.

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