Monday, February 27, 2012

Book # 2 - Sky of Red Poppies

Sky of Red Poppies, finished 1/6/2012
Zohreh Gharemani
301 pages

This is the first of the three selections for 2012 One Book, One San Diego, a literacy campaign sponsored by San Diego Public Library and the public radio station KPBS.

I read this book with a coworker of Persian descent. She and I read the book in a day. Her first comment to me was, "It is like I wrote the book, except that I wasn't rich." This book tells the story of friendship that crosses the barriers of religion and economic class in the time leading to the Iranian Revolution of 1979.


  1. Yah for reading this book! This is Lilly's mom's book! (Lilly is one of the 50/50 organizers.)

  2. you read it in a DAY?! so awesome. i love hearing that, and she will too. she wrote it to educate me about the era - the good and the bad- and the book become something much bigger. thank you for sharing the love, and welcome to! (lilly)

  3. This is for dear Rachielle and all the good readers whose support has given my life a whole new meaning. I will always remember your love and aim to do my best not to ever disappoint you. Thank you for reading Sky of Red Poppies. This book is now as much yours as it is mine. When you have a moment with nothing better to do, I hope you will go to and share your thoughts with other readers. Thank you for making my day!

  4. Thank you for all the comments! Zoe, You made my day! I will take time to post a longer review at Amazon. Lily, thanks for organizing the! Love it!